1) Full repentance – God loves you and hates the sin that destroys you. Renouncing and turning away from any and every sin involvement. A decision of the will to hate all sin and stop doing it forever.

2) Identifying with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ through water baptism. Understanding Romans Chapter 6 to a death to the sin nature and inheriting a completely New Life to receive the promise in Romans 6:7 – “he who has died has been freed from sin”

3) Receiving the Holy Spirit which includes the power to overcome sin. (Acts 1:8) To know whether or not you’ve received the Holy Spirit we see scripturally it is always accompanied by an expression of the mouth either new tongues and/or prophecy (Acts 2,8,10,19) and we see the same today.

4) Crucifixion of the flesh – an ongoing recognition of death to the old sin nature. Romans 6:11 “recognize yourself dead to sin.” This includes denying physical self-pleasure, self-will, & self-desires. It also includes righteous behavior such as prayer, fasting, & Bible study. I consider an extended fast anything going longer than 10 days on water only. It takes about 7-9 days to break physical hunger & overcome the flesh sensualities.

5) Renewing the mind (Romans 12:2) – replacing the devil’s lies with Godly truth. Removing the lies of shame, guilt, condemnation, joy through worldly satisfaction, abandonment, rejection, past trauma, false identity..etc. And replacing the lies with God’s promises and Godly truths like adoption, security, spiritual joy, peace, love, identity in Christ…etc. This is done by Bible study, prayer & confession.

6) Deliverance from demons – if you understand have obeyed and completed Christ’s commands for the first 5 things and you still struggle with sin it’s probable that the issue is spiritual and you still have a demon. If you are being driven, harassed or tormented which is producing compulsive behavior that is slowing down, stopping or reversing your spiritual progress you are probably the victim of a demonic activity. You should find someone that understandings deliverance and walks in the authority & power of Christ to cast it out.

(Note: this does not mean it becomes impossible to sin. It means becoming free from the power of sin & no longer under the law of sin in bondage repeating the same cycles of sin. We always have a free will to choose and will continue to have temptations while in this age. But we have a sure promise from God to become totally free from all sin.) Read 1 John 1 & 2 for more info

*This can be a process. It took me 8 years for God to take me through this 6 step process of understanding & applying all these things. The final thing for me was in 2019 when I had demons cast out of me. I finally became free from the final few besetting sins that I couldn’t seem to break free from. My pride, stubbornness and resistance to the idea that Christians can have demons made my process drag on 5 years longer than it should have.*

Which one are you missing?

Let us humble ourselves and surrender to these ways of God. We cannot do it our way & he will not honor any other ways we choose to do on our own. Christ’s life and commands are the only way.

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Post by Jeremy Gilbert