Luke 10: The Harvest is Ready

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Views on Outreach Past vs Present Megan Marks

I’ve been doing frontline street outreach ministry and traveling evangelism for the past three years. A big part of this is traveling around to meet many other people to do outreach with which has allowed me to see and learned… Continue Reading →

A Journey into the Heavenly Realm: Timoteo’s Testimony

Names are changed in the Testimony as requested by the author Tuesday June 14th ~ In morning prayer with James in London, England We reached a moment of stillness in our prayer together and I took advantage of it. I… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Ketosis part 2: The Rest of the story…

Here is the rest of my friend Jessica’s Story Her testimony of her transformation with her relationship with God: SO here I am with absolutely nothing to give to the Lord. No works, no good deeds, tossed aside like trash… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Ketosis, The transformation from MARTHA to MARY Part 1: Jessicas Story

I didn’t know my conscience was hijacked. I didn’t know I was obeying religious spirits. I didn’t know I was still under the law. I went along with what other Christians were doing… and I completely disregarded my conscience, the… Continue Reading →

Ali’s Testimony

My name is Ali Underwood and this is my testimony of how I became a child of God. I grew up in a Catholic family and participated in the ceremonies of the Catholic church until I was about age 13,… Continue Reading →

Sonya’s Testimony

October 31 2018 I was miraculously set free from addiction of heroin and meth . I wasn’t looking to be free that night, I was completely dead in my sins. But the Lord had other plans. I never asked to… Continue Reading →

The Gospel: Gods Story Of The Bible

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In the beginning, God created everything and created man to have fellowship with Him. God told the man, Adam he can eat from the tree of life but not from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 1:1,… Continue Reading →

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