Names are changed in the Testimony as requested by the author

Tuesday June 14th ~

In morning prayer with James in London, England

We reached a moment of stillness in our prayer together and I took advantage of it. I sat still and requested ~ “Holy Spirit, bring us into The Presence Of The Father.” After a couple of minutes being still and quiet…

In an instant I was taken up, rapidly ascending into Heaven, I was being carried up by an angel! It took a second for my spirit to adjust to what was happening, and finally I looked at him and he just smiled, his eyes fixed Upward. I wondered what his name was but I didn’t feel I should ask and he didn’t tell me. I didn’t look down but I somehow noticed that the train of his robe was very long! So long that it seemed as if it almost touched the earth as we passed thru the second heaven! It was the train of his robe but it also seemed to be a trail behind him. I knew it was cloth but it appeared as though it was a path at the same time. I didn’t speak but I had the thought “I wonder what it is!” As though he could hear my thoughts, he replied, “it’s beautiful isn’t it!” With such a cheerfulness in his voice!

I replied, “yes it is! What is it!?” The cheerfulness in his voice rose, but as if he wanted to shout but was holding it in… his volume lowered and his smile enlarged as he said “The Father clothed me in extra glory today!”

I was astonished! The color was of blue and purple tones. It seemed as though it was 1 color but on earth it would’ve been many colors! A whole scheme of colors!

After a moment of my mind being blown, the angel said excitedly, “are you ready?!” I replied “I’ve never been so ready!”
“Good!”, he replied, “The Father told me not to delayi!” Suddenly, we were in Heaven and immediately in The Throne Room. There were many people and angels in The Throne Room but we moved so quickly past them and I payed no attention to them. So fast we were before The Throne and the angel set me down.
Immediately I was so weak and fell down on the sea of glass. I fell to my knees but a little sideways as I just collapsed. I felt that I didn’t even have strength to look up!

Jesus put His Hand on my left shoulder and The Father put His Hand on my right shoulder and just His Hand on me lifted me up to my feet! I looked up and saw The Glory Of Heaven! Pure Light in which darkness or shadows aren’t even a concept! I couldn’t see His Figure or even Any Part Of Him! I know that The Light Of His Glory was too wonderful for a defiled human body to experience in any way! I feel that if I had more time with Him, my eyes (the eyes of my spirit) would see Him more fully.

I could see a little bit more of The Figure Of The Son. But I could not see His Face either or His Full Figure.
As I was raised to my feet, I looked up and said very gratefully, “Thank You Poppa!” “Thank you”, He replied in such a powerful, sweet voice! I leaned my head to the side full of wonder and asked “for what Poppa?” “You’ve been faithful” He told me “and I have a gift for you.” I immediately held out my hands to receive and asked eagerly “what is it Poppa?” His Hand was on my hands and there was nothing but His Hand on my hands, but I felt something pass into me! He answered, “I’m giving you a gift of My Grace.” My thoughts were so scrambled, I didn’t know what to say and I blurted out “give me wisdom to know how to use it!” He threw His Head back and laughed! What a gloriously hysterical laugh! I didn’t feel at all ashamed or embarrassed, though I knew that what I said was unnecessary. I just smiled and His Laugh made me laugh a little, kind of like when someone laughs at you but you know their intentions are not derogatory but rather, I knew that what I said was funny to Him and since He enjoyed it, I took joy in His Joy. He responded, “you don’t need wisdom for it. I’m giving you a gift of My Grace.” And as if He gave me more understanding Himself, I knew that the gift He gave me was for me to be His Grace. It was not grace for me and not even for me to just be more gracious. But to be God’s Grace to others.

I felt that I would have to leave soon so I looked at The Father and said “I don’t want to go Poppa!” He responded, so full of grace, “I know son, but you can come back” with a smile. “I will”, I replied.
I looked at Jesus, The Son, I could see more of His Figure now, He was smiling so big! I said “I love You Brother!” “Brother, I love you too”, he replied, and hugged me with His Arms wrapped around my neck, my head on His Shoulder, and my arms around His Back. As He hugged me, He passed into me! And when He let go, I felt very different! Very much lighter as if He retrieved something from me that I shouldn’t have. As I was writing this, I paused here to ask, “Lord, what did you take?” Jesus said to my spirit ~ “The disturbance of feeling like I need to be needed by man. Cares about money and the future. Distrust of Brothers and Sisters. Competition.” I felt it as if I knew they were gone and thoughts of specific instances came to mind where, already in the past 2 days since I had the vision, I had experienced this freedom.
I looked over my shoulder at The Father and said “I love you Poppa!” “I love YOU!”, He replied.
In an instant the same angel carried me back to my friend, James’s, room. We descended even quicker than we had ascended! And I opened my eyes full of tears and I felt the tear tracks on my cheeks. The whole experience was around 20 minutes, give or take. I know because I looked at the time before I closed my eyes to be still. It was 7:35am. And I looked at the time after I opened my eyes. It was almost 8am.