1) It is uncommon to have a demon

  • (40% of the people Jesus prayed for He cast out a demon. 1/3 of the sicknesses Jesus healed were a demon)(We normally cast demons out of about 8 out of 10 people that we lead to Christ & baptize. The rest usually have their demons manifest and cast out later as they grow closer to God in sanctification)

2) Only very evil people have demons

  • (anyone can have a certain area of their life under the influence of a demon. Simply committing an act of sin or having ancestors that commit acts of sin is enough to open the door. And many times demons come in through traumatizing events without sin.)

3) Christians can’t have a demon

  • (Matthew 15:26 tells us deliverance is for children of God. We have cast demons out of many spirit-filled faithful Christian leaders and pastors)

4) Deliverance is a special gift by the Holy Spirit or only pastors and leaders are supposed to do deliverance

  • (Mark 16:17 tells us every believer is called to drive out demons. We have discipled anyone to cast out demons, it doesn’t take any special gift. Just be a disciple of Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit.)

5) Christians should be afraid of demons

  • (Demons manifest and flex to try and cause fear. Do not fear, for Christ has given all believers power and authority over demons. Luke 9:1)

6) There needs to be a physical manifestation for deliverance to take place

  • (the sign of deliverance is not manifestations but if there is a change in the persons life and they become free and/or the problem is gone)

7) Deliverance is fast

  • (sometimes quick deliverances are the stronger ruler demons throwing out the weaker ones to fool the deliverance worker that deliverance has taken place. Deliverance should be viewed as a walk rather than an event. Deliverance is a process of sanctification combined with renewing the mind. Deliverance over weeks, months, and years is not uncommon. Sometimes a person needs several events of demons cast out as they grow in sanctification & transformation. People should be careful to claim they are fully delivered, fully sanctified, and fully transformed)

8) Demons can posses Christians

  • (the Greek word meaning to be under the influence of a demon sometimes get’s translated as possessed. Scholars familiar with deliverance agree this is a bad translation. Derek Prince coined the term to be “demonized” which I really like. In other words it’s more like people posses some demons rather than demons possesing people.)

Post by Jeremy Gilbert