Luke 10: The Harvest is Ready

Month September 2022

Faith Alone, or Faith and Works?

Are we saved by faith alone or are we saved by faith and works (obedience/action)?  This is a topic I often hear debated in churches, and, admittedly, it is something I have often questioned myself. I recently gained a better… Continue Reading →

How To Get Free From Sin

1) Full repentance – God loves you and hates the sin that destroys you. Renouncing and turning away from any and every sin involvement. A decision of the will to hate all sin and stop doing it forever. 2) Identifying… Continue Reading →

Fear Of The Lord

What exactly is the fear of the Lord? Is it like the fear we experienced as a child being afraid of the dark, or being afraid of spiders? Or is this fear different? In an effort to clarify some common… Continue Reading →

Demons In The Church: Written by Jeremy Gilbert

The information I am about to deliver in this post can be an inconvenient truth at first hearing, but is a real truth nonetheless. And after these truths are understood and applied, which may be a process, they actually become… Continue Reading →

A Journey into the Heavenly Realm: Timoteo’s Testimony

Names are changed in the Testimony as requested by the author Tuesday June 14th ~ In morning prayer with James in London, England We reached a moment of stillness in our prayer together and I took advantage of it. I… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Ketosis part 2: The Rest of the story…

Here is the rest of my friend Jessica’s Story Her testimony of her transformation with her relationship with God: SO here I am with absolutely nothing to give to the Lord. No works, no good deeds, tossed aside like trash… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Ketosis, The transformation from MARTHA to MARY Part 1: Jessicas Story

I didn’t know my conscience was hijacked. I didn’t know I was obeying religious spirits. I didn’t know I was still under the law. I went along with what other Christians were doing… and I completely disregarded my conscience, the… Continue Reading →

Ali’s Testimony

My name is Ali Underwood and this is my testimony of how I became a child of God. I grew up in a Catholic family and participated in the ceremonies of the Catholic church until I was about age 13,… Continue Reading →

Sonya’s Testimony

October 31 2018 I was miraculously set free from addiction of heroin and meth . I wasn’t looking to be free that night, I was completely dead in my sins. But the Lord had other plans. I never asked to… Continue Reading →

Dylan’s Story

Most of my life was complete isolation. I lived inside my head. I was extremely Depressed and had terrible Anxiety. I was timid of everything and felt like these things had a grip on my life. In my mind I… Continue Reading →

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